Benilda (Benny) Samuels

Chief Executive Director

Benny Samuels is a distinguished leader in health, human services, and social change, with over 35 years of experience. She has spearheaded transformative initiatives focusing on increased access, equity, and empowerment for children, families, and communities, particularly those of color and living in poverty. Her accomplishments include significant reductions in unintended pregnancies through the Statewide Colorado Family Planning Project and enrolling thousands in healthcare programs like Medicaid and the Child Health Plan Plus. Benny’s expertise extends to philanthropy, supporting initiatives for Black men, families in the child welfare system, and American Indian children. Recognized for her leadership, she has been honored as one of Colorado’s Top 40 Most Powerful Women and received prestigious awards from organizations like the Urban League of Metro Denver and SweetFeet for her mentorship in the nonprofit sector.

Outside of her community work, Benny enjoys traveling and outdoor activities and serves on various advisory boards, including the Governor-appointed Colorado Outdoor Equity Board and the Rose Hospital advisory board.

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