Contractors & Consultants

At the AYA Foundation, we strategically hire contractors to foster a thriving network of Black entrepreneurs, leaders, and allies. This approach opens doors to entrepreneurship, welcoming diverse skills and perspectives that strengthen our community.

Our commitment to collaboration is rooted in empathy, inclusiveness, and mutual support, reflecting our core values, and enhancing our operational agility. By embodying “Ubuntu”—I am because you are—we support each other’s professional journeys, creating a network of empowerment that drives sustainable growth and narrows the wealth gap. Join us as we transform the economic landscape in Colorado and beyond, striving for long-term equity and community success.

Angelle & Daryn Fouther

Kindred Communications, LLC

Your Part Time Controller

Paul Collier

Corona Insights

Gillian Gadpaille

Secoya, LLC

Jacqueline Hamilton

Denton Project Management Consulting

Joy Knox

JoyRox, LLC

Tonoa Manuel

SIYG Consulting

Jonathan McMillan

Chevon Patrick

Major League Finance

Jyia Ridley

AYA Foundation Intern

Shenelle Roebuck

Kumbaa Therapy

Jazmyne Hunter

Hunter Virtual Bookkeeping & Tax

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