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Several Five Points and Westwood small businesses awarded nearly $300,000 in grants

In order to apply, at least two businesses needed to form a cohort and collaborate with a local sponsoring group such as a nonprofit or business improvement district. Benilda Samuels, AYA Foundation Executive Director, said once she learned about the grant, she reached out to the six businesses to get the cohort started. Those businesses included Agave Shore, Green Spaces, Spangalang Brewery, TeaLee’s Tea House & Bookstore, Urban Sanctuary and Welton Street Cafe.

McKinsey helps accelerate Black economic development in Colorado

In the short three years since beginning our operations, AYA Foundation’s creative, systems changing impact includes serving more than 91 founders and entrepreneurs with high-touch programs, technical assistance, and grants. Additionally, AYA Foundation has acted as the fiscal sponsor of philanthropic dollars to several start-ups, including the DEMI FUND.

New support for Black entrepreneurs in Colorado

Colorado’s Black Business Initiative launched the AYA Foundation with the goal of closing the wealth gap for the Black community.

Colorado’s only Black-led community foundation launches to spark change

Colorado welcomed its only Black-led community foundation with the launch of the AYA Foundation. Spearheaded by the Black Business Initiative as its philanthropic branch, the foundation aims to offer both programming and funds to entrepreneurs and organizations that support the Black community. “Aya” is a West African symbol for endurance and resourcefulness.

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