Donor Services

At AYA, your contributions hold the power to catalyze real change.

Through our Philanthropic Services, you have the opportunity to make a tangible impact in three distinct ways:

Support AYA

Your support directly strengthens our general operating expenses, ensuring that we can continue our vital work in empowering Black communities and narrowing the racial wealth gap.

Launch Your Donor Advised Fund

Take control of your philanthropy by launching your own donor-advised fund. With AYA’s guidance, you can establish a fund that reflects your values and supports causes close to your heart, leaving a lasting legacy of empowerment.

Build Black Institutions – Eight28 Fund

Invest in AYA Foundation’s Eight28 Fund to empower Black nonprofits with resources and expertise, transforming them into enduring cornerstones that strengthen communities for generations.

Your support taps into a deep tradition of Black philanthropy, characterized by resilience and mutual aid, which has been vital in the ongoing fight for justice and equity. We see financial contributions as representing a unified effort to enhance and support our communities through systemic challenges.

Together, we’re not just contributing; we’re forging a more equitable and prosperous future for all by uplifting Black communities, understanding that achieving balance benefits everyone, and creating a society where justice and opportunity know no bounds.

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